Friday, January 3, 2014


Whenever a new year comes, tons of people are making long lists of resolutions that only last for a month after moving on with their regular daily routines. I choose to not go into that direction. I hope not. Let's be honest here, we all say these things about resolutions, and it's sure hard to accomplish unless you are determined and passionate about what you want to be done. For me, I want this year to be as great as last year. I want the courage that I had, the positive attitude, and the ability to tell myself that I can do anything that I want to do (nothing illegal of course. Not about that jail life...*awkward laugh because it wasn't that funny*).

I already started one of my resolutions by taking more photographs and investing my time in my photography Facebook page (which needs more likes and support, so please go LIKE it)! I braved through the Hercules winter storm today and photographed that top photo above! The things I do to accomplish my resolutions.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
"Losing weight" is always the first biggest resolution that everyone puts on their list. I don't like the word "losing" because it almost has a negative connotation, making it more of a chore than a resolution. No one likes chores. Mind Body Green is one of my newest favorite websites. They post tons of articles on health, body, food, beauty, and more. All of the articles vary from eating healthy to learning how to not stress. I have struggled with so much mental stress, depression, anxiety, and pushing away those negative thoughts and not always making them as an excuse to postponing my daily routines is the first step to a clear and stress free year. - - I also choose to have a healthy diet. This doesn't mean I can't munch on chips or brownies when I'm frantically studying for midterms. I ALWAYS want to do that, but there are tons of delicious study snacks that I can choose to eat besides those fatty sweets. Cutting out some sugar from the diet always does the body good. It will boost up the energy and create a happier self. - - As for exercising, I was not much of a runner. I have written posts about running in the past, and it hasn't helped with my racing thoughts. Yoga, zumba, and rock climbing are some sports I have chosen to help me maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle without hating the thought of exercise.

Blog for ME
I find blogging nowadays like a business. Bloggers are trying so hard to advertise their blog to attract more readers and followers. I understand. I was in that position in the beginning of blogging because I wanted so desperately to blog and have readers, but I also started blogging posts that were only to attract certain audiences. I wanted things to look perfect and to make readers enjoy my blog. It was a tedious and tiring process, but I realized I enjoyed blogging for ME and still had readers clicking on my blog to read and follow. I like to continue this, and blog for me. Write about anything.

Move On
Whether it's sadness, rejection, heartbreak, I will choose to move on. Who cares about not getting that job? There's another one out there for you. Or why did the person you thought you loved hurt you? Love works in funny ways, but you will find love elsewhere and with someone who won't bring pain to you. Why did your best friend do that to you? These are just some examples of the moments you wish you didn't have in the past year, but you must remind yourself to move on. I am learning to move on from the guilt, sadness, rejection and anything else that has affected me. What's in the past is in the past. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to live in the past. We choose how we live, and living in the past is repetitive and useless. It only causes constant distress.  Learn from the past, but live in the moment. There is more to experience if you move on. 

And some other ones that don't need any further explaination:

Smile and laugh more.
Write, write, write!
Cook more, and blog about it.
Read all kinds of books.
Go somewhere warm, and go surfing.
Don't be so hard on myself.
Compile a photography book.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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Abby said...

Those are all great resolutions and I love the way you worded them. I decided to try something different this year and focus on the way I want to feel: confident, connected, inner ease, generous, and patient. My hope is to continually act in ways that generate these feelings. If I can accomplish that, I will be one content lady :)